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NCR Silver Pro-Restaurant Edition

With advanced restaurant functionality, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is the ideal solution for quick and table service restaurants, fast casual operations and bars with limited complexity. Silver Pro Restaurant Edition makes handling a packed house and taking orders and payment easy. Reduce kitchen chaos and create a great place to work for your employees. Built-in simple tools let you master your menu and delight your customers.

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Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions

Run your restaurant like a pro

Menu items, employees, kitchen mechanics, customers, deliveries – running a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart. Let Silver Pro Restaurant Edition take some of that off your plate. Need to better manage your table assignments and server flow? No problem, easily create and edit restaurant layouts in minutes with our floor plan editor.

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Take your business with you anywhere you go

Access sales and other key metrics from your mobile dashboard. Burger, fries and a beer – got it! Users can easily route orders directly to the kitchen, bar or any other station and get detailed, real-time reports to make decisions with confidence on the go. Want to monitor your business? Use online and mobile dashboards to access reports from anywhere. Always need to stay in sync? Users can manage sales and inventory centrally across all locations. If you need to calibrate then simply set sales forecasts and manage your staff’s goals. Managers can also track employee time and set payroll. The program will send automatic back office alerts whether you’re in the store or away. Instantly you know, because inventory tracking shows on-hand quantities of items at all times. You can track your inventory and see which items and vendors are good for business.

An iPad-based point-of-sale solution, with Silver Pro Restaurant Edition you can:

  • Master your menu items and easily ring up sales
  • Edit floor plans and table assignments on the fly
  • Route orders directly to the kitchen, bar or any other station
  • Split checks equally or by seat
  • Access sales and other key metrics from your mobile dashboard
  • Use social media and email marketing to increase sales and connect with your customers
  • Serve up a great customer experience with this cloud-based point of sale. Getting started is simple and affordable.
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