Aloha POS is the industry’s leading restaurant POS solution that enables you to automate restaurant operations, measure performance, manage to better results and market to customers. Experience immediately the operational efficiencies and increased profits that an Aloha POS system gives you.


  • Our mobile POS handheld systems are used in more than 40,000 restaurants in 40 countries.
  • 27 of the top 50 table service restaurant chains use NCR solutions.
  • #1 In POS hardware and software in North America for food service companies.
  • 34 of the top 50 quick service restaurant chains use NCR solutions.
  • 5 of the top 10 theater circuits use NCR for digital ticketing.

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Generate Higher Revenues

Serve more people in less time, up-sell items with higher profit margins, and charge guests for every modifier. Your servers will be able to easily manage the customer experience and eliminate room for costly errors. They’ll also never miss an opportunity to enhance a guest’s experience with good recommendations

Lower Costs

Reduce food waste, deter theft and fraud and control labor expenses. All of these result in drastically lower costs for your company. Combined with the increased revenue, these systems pay for themselves quickly and multiple times over.

Rest Assured

Enjoy the peace-of-mind that APS’s hardware maintenance and technical support provides. No matter your issue, there are certified professionals ready to help you. Not only will your business be more secure, so will your system. With Aloha POS, APS provides restaurant and bar operators of all sizes the best restaurant POS software available and single point of accountability for their long-term satisfaction.

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