• Retail Point of Sale

Keystroke POS

Keystroke meets the unique demands of retail and wholesale businesses. In addition to industry-leading point of sale and store management capabilities, our complete suite of solutions also includes; ecommerce software so you can extend your product offering to the web to grow your business, email marketing software to stay connected to your customers and drive new sales, enhanced credit card processing to ensure fast and secure payments, smart alerting and mobile technology to help manage operations remotely and sell anywhere, along with a comprehensive line of hardware offerings designed especially with Keystroke users in mind. Available in Express, Advanced and Point of Sale packages, we offer multiple options to fit your need and price range. Every option exceeds PCI PA-DSS v3.1 guidelines.

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Retail Point of Sale Software

Inventory Management

How a business handles inventory can determine whether or not it was profitable in a given month. Luckily, Keystroke is designed to help you maintain optimum inventory levels, control inventory costs, and track merchandise movement. It provides the tools needed to minimize inventory levels and out-of-stock conditions, and maximize valuable management information and profitability. This will allow you ensure you aren’t buying too much or too little in a given month.

Retail Point of Sale

Touchscreen Point of Sale

Provides fully integrated cash register functions on a computer workstation. It also gives you a full complement of management controls and reports to help you operate your business profitably and securely. Combined with a touchscreen interface, Keystroke has never been easier to use in today’s world. The system’s easy-to-use build allows training to be a quick, painless process.

Retail Point of Sale

Customer Loyalty

Included as an integral part of Keystroke. Complete details of every customer, including detailed sales history, may be tracked in Keystroke. In today’s world, data is worth its weight in gold. Being able to understand customers allows a company to provide the exact level of service expected of them. Not to mention, this data can be used to guide nearly all company operations to improve the customer experience.

Retail Point of Sale

Automated Purchasing

Gives advice on what to order, replenishes automatically, and easily receives PO’s—a powerful and efficient way to control your purchasing, receivings, and returns to vendor. This is one of the biggest perks of Keystroke. Not only do you have information on customers and inventory, but your buying cycle can be automated to make sure that you never run out of important materials. Meanwhile, you can easily store the piles of paperwork that POs normally take up into a small, easy-to-use system.

Order Management

Fulfills the needs of retailers who process orders from a website, mail order, or customer special orders. Keystroke’s capabilities include order entry, recording shipping information for shipping manifest integration, and order fulfillment of individual orders and batch order processing.

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