Counter Cache Intelligent

Counter Cache Intelligent (CCI) cash security machine is the future of how cash transactions are going to be handled. The CCI unit is a compact note validation system which is designed to be installed at the front counter near the point of sale. The CCI unit allows your staff to deposit all bankable notes into the CCI unit which authenticates the dollar value of the note and eliminates the acceptance of counterfeit notes. The CCI helps to stream-line the cash balancing processing because once the bank notes have been deposited into the CCI unit, the notes do not need to be counted again until they reach the cash processing center. The CCI unit comes with a secure outer lock which means access is restricted to only staff with the required level of authority.

Retail Point of Sale

Components of CCI unit:

  • Counter Cache Intelligent Unit – Programmed to accept all U.S. Bills.
  • Mounting bracket – Allows CCI unit to be installed at the front counter near the POS system.
  • Tamper Evident Pouch – A fully secure tamper evident pouch designed to hold up to 400 notes.

Configurations of the CCI unit:

The CCI unit can be configured in a variety of different ways to meet the individual requirements of each location.

Stand alone:

The CCI units can be set-up as stand-alone unit which allows the users to put in all bankable notes into the unit. The notes are then secured in a tamper evident pouch which can be removed when making a shift change or a deposit. A detailed audit trail can be printed off using the optional blue tooth printer which will make balancing monies much easier as none of the notes in the CCI unit need to be counted again

Gemsys Websafe:

The CCI units can be connected to the GEMSYS WEBSAFE software which will automatically record each transaction as it occurs and then provide a consolidated value for reconciliation purposes. As part of the GEMSYS WEBSAFE the user will identify themselves which will then activate the CCI unit and allow the user to deposit money. All transactions are recorded and captured by the GEMSYS WEBSAFE software and the software automatically consolidates the values in a deposit which can be sent to the bank for balancing. Multiple CCI units can be connected to the GEMSYS WEBSAFE which allows for total control over cash processing.


Paper notes can be deposited in any of the four directions into the unit. The deposited notes are instantly validated using optical technology which verifies 40 points on the notes.

Paper notes are instantly counted providing a time-stamped transaction record. With GEMSYS WEBSAFE all of the transaction data is stored and is presented using the WebSafe reports.


Keyed access plus the key plate are required to remove the tamper evident pouch from the CCI unit.

With GEMSYS WebSafe, all access to the unit is controlled by the system as each user needs to identify themselves. Only those with the necessary access will be allowed to use the CCI unit.

Technical Dimensions:

  • Width: 143mm
  • Depth: 285mm
  • Height: 265mm
  • Power Requirement: 120 volts
  • Tamper Evident Pouch Capacity: 400 notes
Retail Point of Sale

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