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With over 50,000 CountEasy units in daily use, you can depend on its tried and tested technology to perform spot checks, cash lifts, banking, shift changes and end of day reconciliations with 100% accuracy and in a fraction of the time it takes staff to do the same tasks manually.

Point of Sale System


  • Fast and simple to check coin bags and note bundles
  • Future proofed to accept new notes and coins
  • Unique FlexiCup makes filling coin bags with counted coins quick and simple
  • Keeps a real-time running total, so you always know where you are in the count
  • Small footprint takes up minimal desk space
  • Portable so you can count anywhere, even without a power socket nearby
  • Use CountEasy to set your floats, making them quick and easy to prepare
  • Allows you to balance a drawer quickly, even in front of customers in case of a change dispute
  • Weighing mode allows you to weigh non-cash items such as vouchers
  • Intelligent learning software means notes in all conditions and environments are counted accurately
  • Unlike some machines there is no need for regular recalibration
  • Want to transfer data to your cash spreadsheets automatically? CountEasy Connect software allows data to be downloaded instantaneously to your cash spreadsheet, saving even more time and eliminating errors

Counteasy TS

Simple to operate, the new CountEasy TS delivers great cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. This coin and currency counting scale has been designed to work with the all US bills and coins in circulation.

Six times faster than counting by hand, the CountEasy TS is ideal for skims, banking, shift changes, spot checks, and reconciliations.

The new CountEasy TS is easy to use and allows a workforce with minimal training, to accurately count and record contents of multiple tills and currencies if necessary.


  • Intelligent battery management software: CountEasy can operate for an entire day on battery power. The battery pack is fully rechargeable in just over 3 hours.
  • Non volatile memory: data will not be lost due to an unexpected power failure
  • Keeps a real-time running total, so you’re always aware where you are in the count, with real time running clock and date stamp for audits
  • Fast and simple way to check coin bags and note bundles
  • Small footprint takes up minimal desk space
  • Counts up to 200 tills around your store
  • Simple to understand use with universal icons
Point of Sale System

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