Cash Registers or POS Systems – Which Works Better for Your Business? Part II

It is best if business owners make this decision themselves. But of course, get assistance from an experienced professional, and do the necessary research. Before choosing between a POS system or cash register, you need to know what your business actually needs, as well as your options for cash management and POS hardware. Then you can make an educated choice.

It’s incredibly important to know that many current businesses require the capability to run database marketing, specifically the capability to capture buyer information, as well as purchase history. Businesses need to be able to market to buyers who are ready to buy specific items from them and not just any and every buyer they’ve ever had. Knowing which buyers buy which items can help a business take advantage of a marketing budget and increase their ROI. This is something that can only happen with a POS system.

The pros of using a cash register are that they are less costly for new businesses, the majority of register models aren’t hard at all to use, there aren’t as many components, they have simple reporting and functions, and they last longer because they don’t need constant updates.

However, the pros of using a POS system are that their reporting is more detailed, it can manage and control inventory, help business create a system for managing buyer relationships (in other words, it can keep track of customer transactions and interactions, and help with future communication with and marketing to those customers), allows for ability to connect with customers on multiple channels (online, by phone, in person), improves accuracy across the board, allows businesses to offer gift cards and loyalty programs, and can be easily updated with time.

If you’re ready to buy a POS system, Advanced POS Solutions can give you information on the kind of support or warranty that will come with your POS machine. You can then decide how to train yourself and your staff to use the new equipment. Once you’ve decided on what you’ll purchase, stock up on any needed supplies like receipt paper, ink ribbons, and more.

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