Gemsys WebSafe for Your Recreational or Medical Dispensary

If you’re opening or getting ready to open a dispensary in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington State or Washington D.C., consider getting Gemsys WebSafe for your new business.

What Is WebSafe?

Gemsys WebSafe is a software and hardware scalable cash management and control solution that is designed to meet the needs of quick service restaurants, convenience stores and retail markets, including dispensaries, and will provide end-to-end cash tracking and accountability.

Heightened Efficiency

Gemsys WebSafe is comprised of both local and cloud-based software integrated with many cash handling devices such as secure point of sale cash validation machines (Counter Cache Intelligent/CCI), dispensing and validation safes, coin sorting and wrapping machines, currency recognition counters, coin and currency scales. Over 98% of all cash doesn’t have to or need to be recounted, but doing so takes up an unnecessary amount of time. Between the front counter, back office, and bank, cash is unnecessarily counted over and over again throughout the day. The most productive way to reduce labor expenses associated with handling cash in your business is to get rid of the need to count that cash at the end of the business day.

Strengthened Security

By removing the need to count as much cash as possible security is immediately made better simply because the cash does not have to be handled as frequently. Cash moves from buyer to cashier, then from cashier to a secure depository. Gemsys WebSafe lets retailers customize the system to meet their particular needs. Accountability for a cashier, a work shift or any combination of balancing tactics can be handled by Gemsys WebSafe. This removes the biggest cause of company issues: human error. With these setups in place, everyone knows what their job is and quality assurance is automated. Gemsys Cash Management and Control Systems are designed to decrease labor expenses and strengthen security associated with handling cash. Cash management reporting provides closed-loop accountability from point of sale to the deposit in the bank.

Ready to save time and money on a more secure, more efficient way of managing your cash? Read our WebSafe online brochure or the WebSafe case study for more information, then request a quote or contacts us via our Locate Us page. We are looking to work with medical or recreational dispensaries in California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Washington State, as well as dispensary locations in or near the Washington D.C. area.

NCR Silver Pro – Restaurant Edition

With newer and more modern restaurant functionality, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is the best possible solution for quick service and table service restaurants, fast casual operations and bars with a small amount of complexity. Silver Pro Restaurant Edition makes it easy to manage a packed house while taking orders and payment. Reduce kitchen commotion and create a better place for your employees to work. Built-in, easy tools will help you master your menu and greatly please your customers.

You want to run your restaurant as professionally as possible, whether you’re a veteran or just starting out. But running a restaurant isn’t easy in any regard. Restaurant owners have to worry about employees, customers, menu items, kitchen mechanics, deliveries and more. Let Silver Pro Restaurant Edition make this a bit easier for you. Need to improve management of your table assignments and server flow? No problem, because you can use our floor plan editor to easily create and edit restaurant layouts in just minutes.

Use your mobile dashboard to access sales and other key metrics. Users can easily send orders directly to the kitchen, bar or any other station and receive detailed, instant reports to make decisions confidently on the go. If you want to monitor your business, you can use online and mobile dashboards to obtain and read reports from anywhere. Users can also manage sales and inventory centrally across all locations in order to always be in sync. If you need to get adjusted, then simply set sales forecasts and manage your staff’s goals. Managers can also track employee time and set payroll. The program will automatically send back-office alerts regardless of where you are. You’ll know instantly because inventory tracking shows just how many items are on hand at all times. You can track what you currently have stocked and see which items and sellers are good for business.

As an iPad-based point-of-sale solution, with Silver Pro Restaurant Edition you can:

  • Perfect your menu items and ring up sales without difficulty
  • Edit floor plans and table assignments quickly and spontaneously
  • Send orders directly to the kitchen, bar or any other station
  • Split checks equally or by seat
  • Retrieve and review sales and other key metrics from your mobile dashboard
  • Utilize social media and email marketing to increase sales and profits and connect with your customers/patrons

Give customers a great experience with this cloud-based point of sale. It’s simple and affordable to get started.